Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the Orlando area went through tremendous growth. If you’re in one of the many homes built in that time and you haven’t yet replaced your roof, chances are good the time is near. There are many reasons (other than storm damage) that the same roofing material may last longer for one homeowner than another, today we’re going to focus on four of them.

1.      Quality of Materials

All the national brands we carry offer multiple shingle lines. Those shingles have different life expectancies. Most homes built by stock homebuilders have 3-tab shingles. Even when installed by a professional roofing company, they have the shortest life expectancy of any roofing material. Most homeowners choose to replace their 3-tab shingles with architectural shingles that last considerably longer. Some even have technology that helps them stand up to strong winds and resist hail damage.

2.      Your Roofing System

Other parts of your roofing system that impact how quickly your shingles age are the insulation and ventilation. If either is not sufficient, your roof is more likely to age quickly.

3.      Installation

Is this the second roof on the home? Did the installer do an overlay or a complete tear-off? A roof installed over another roof won’t last as long as a tear-off. You also want to choose a quality and professional roofing company. Ask what type of nails they use for the installation and if they’re going to use a quality underlayment. Proper training from the manufacturer on best practices for installing their brand of shingles can also make a difference.

4.      Maintenance

If you don’t properly maintain your roof, it’s not going to last. Roof maintenance by a professional roofing company helps catch small issues before they become big problems. You can do some of the maintenance yourself like keeping your roof free of debris, cleaning your gutters, and making sure tree branches don’t rub on the roofing surface.

If you’re looking for a professional roofing company, call Russ Noyes Roofing. We’ll help you choose the right new roof for your home. We offer many brands of asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and tile roofing and have been trained by each manufacturer on installation best practices. Call 407-388-7700 today for all your roofing maintenance, repair, or replacement needs.


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