There are a lot of different certifications and licenses out there that a roofer can get, and many times consumers are advised to use these licenses and certifications to help identify the high quality roofers in Orlando and be able to spot some of the contractors that are operating without the license. Contractors with no licenses or certifications are often more likely to do low-quality work, or perhaps even scam you out of your money without providing any work. One of the certifications you can look for is the CertainTeed Roofing Select Shingle Master™.

What is a Select Shingle Master™?

The Select Shingle Master™ designation is the highest certification available from roofing manufacturer CertainTeed. When contractors receive this designation, it indicates that they have demonstrated the highest industry standards of excellence and quality for installing roofing in Orlando.

In order to achieve this certification, roofers must demonstrate:

  • Extensive knowledge of shingle materials
  • Exceptional installation quality and best practices for installing roofing
  • Proof of worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance coverage to protect clients
  • A history of satisfied clients who have had roofing installed by the contractor

Other Benefits of CertainTeed Certifications

In addition to providing high quality workmanship, this certification is only available to roofing contractors in Orlando and throughout the U.S. who provide exceptional customer service. By obtaining this certification, these roofing contractors are able to provide industry-leading warranties that are backed by one of the largest roofing materials manufacturers in the country.

These roofers are trained to install a CertainTeed Integrity Roofing system, which goes beyond just putting some quality shingles on the top of your home. It includes a detailed analysis of your roofing underlayment and support structure, ventilation needs, insulation, and roofing accessories so you get optimal protection and a long-lasting roof no matter what the weather conditions are like.

To find out more about the CertainTeed Select Shingle Master™ program, and to learn how it can be beneficial to your next roof in Orlando, call and talk to a contractor who has this certification today. Taking time to research and discover the benefits that this additional certification can offer you as a homeowner will ensure you get only the highest quality roof for your home.

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