condo roof repairWe receive calls from frustrated condo owners asking for estimates for roof repair regularly. Although we may love our neighborhood, we don’t always love our neighborhood association. Depending upon the CC&R’s of your community, you or your association may be responsible for your condo roof repair and roof replacement.

Start by Contacting Your Association

The property manager or association management company should know the answer to your questions easily. If you have a serious leak and can’t get timely resolution, call a licensed roofing contractor to provide you with an estimate and protection from the elements. If you incur any costs (for the estimate, tarp, or other repairs) make sure to hold on to the receipt but submit a copy to the association. It’s also important to document when you called the association, who you left a message with, and how long you waited for a call back. Sadly, associations aren’t always quick to reimburse expenses you incurred.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Some condo owners notice the leak, call the association manager, and wait for the management company to provide resolution. Meanwhile the leak gets worse or damage spreads. Although the association may be responsible for the actual condo roof repair or replacement, they are not typically responsible for the repair inside your unit even if they were the result of the roof damage. That means any drywall repair such as your ceiling, will be your responsibility. The longer you wait to make the call to the association or to a roofing contractor to resolve the matter yourself, the worse your damage will be.

Be Involved

The best advice we can give you regarding your condo’s association is to be involved. Participate in quarterly or annual meetings and most of all, ask questions if you don’t understand something. Your condo is your home and the more you understand what is going on with the property, the better off you’ll be. All too often we hear about condo owners receiving a “special assessment” for roof replacement or a big jump in their monthly dues because the association realized that major work is imminent. When you receive the annual report, check and make sure there is a budget item or account called reserve or maintenance. Generally, this account is for roof replacement, paving, sidewalk, and other common area maintenance and replacement.

If you learn that your condo or townhome roof is not covered by your association, Russ Noyes Roofing can help. We know most of the local CC&R’s so we know the colors and brands accepted by your association and will help you choose the right one for your condo and budget. We’re well versed in condo roof repair too! Call 407-377-7700 to get started on your roof replacement today.


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