architectural shinglesA roof replacement isn’t an inexpensive endeavor. There are many roofing options from which to choose, and all have different benefits. If your neighborhood requires shingles or if you’ve decided that asphalt shingles are what you want, here are a few reasons to consider spending a little more for architectural shingles over the more traditional 3-tab shingles. If your roofer doesn’t offer you architectural shingles as an option, contact another roofer like Russ Noyes Roofing.  

Increased Curb Appeal

We all want to be proud of how our house looks. Architectural shingles add dimension to your roof. The tabs are slightly different sizes and cuts and don’t lay flat like 3-tab shingles do. Some architectural shingles look like slate or wood shake without the maintenance or expense. You’ll also find a wider selection of colors and color blends, some of which are ENERGY STAR® rated to save you money on your cooling costs. Some brands of shingles include algae resistant technology that prevents the staining and streaking that makes a roof look older than it is.

Longer Life

Although you’re spending a bit more on your new roofing, you’ll find you won’t have to have another roof replacement for significantly longer. Three-tab shingles last less than 15 years on average in Orlando where even moderately priced architectural shingles last more than 20 years. Even the warranty tends to be longer on an architectural shingle.

More Durable

Architectural shingles are thicker than their 3-tab counterparts. Many manufacturers warranty them against winds up to 130mph. Others have shingles that are impact resistant protecting your roof from expensive hail damage. Most are Class C fire resistant which may save you on your homeowner’s insurance too.

Even the highest quality architectural shingle won’t last if a trained and licensed roofer does not install it. When you need a roof replacement, Russ Noyes Roofing is the local Orlando roofer to call. We offer many of the leading brands of architectural shingles with superior warranties. When you choose us as your roof replacement company, you get our satisfaction guarantees. We also offer the Overhead Care Club for all your roof maintenance needs. Call 407-388-7700 to schedule your roof replacement estimate.

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