Although we aren’t dealing with a lot of storm damage insurance claims right now, we’ve seen a lot of mistakes by homeowners from last year’s storms. We want to help educate people so that in the coming months (remember hurricane season has about two months left) if we do have a storm, people don’t make these mistakes.

1.      Get a Third-Party Roofing Inspection

Haag Certified Inspector

You may be able to see that there is an issue with your roof and your insurance adjustor may agree. However, you’re probably not a HAAG certified inspector. Chances are your adjustor doesn’t even have any real-world roofing experience. If you want a thorough third-party roofing inspection, call a HAAG certified roofing inspector. They’ve been trained in spotting even the smallest amount of storm damage. Most roofing companies with HAAG inspectors will meet with you and your adjustor to discuss their finding should they differ. You may need to pay a small inspection fee for the expertise of a HAAG certified roofing inspector, but if it saves you thousands in the end, it’s worth it.

2.      Have Documentation of Your Roof’s State Before the Storm

The best way to do this is have a roofing company who performs annual or semi-annual inspections. They should provide you with a written explanation of the state of your roof and any recommended repairs. Keep track of this information so that in the event of a storm, your insurance company can’t say that your roof was already in dis-repair.



3.      Know Your Roof’s Warranty

Many new shingles include wind damage warranties up to a certain wind speed. If your shingles were properly installed and the wind was within the limits, you may want to talk to your roofing company about the product warranty. If they agree, submit the claim through your manufacturer. You’ll avoid paying your deductible and a possible increase to your premiums for the claim.

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