If you believe that it rains every day in August in Orlando, you’re almost right. Although historically we get the most rain in June, we have the most days with rain in August. On average about half the days in the month sees some amount of precipitation. This month we’ve had almost 13″ of rain. At this rate we’ll more than double our average August rainfall of 7.83″ before the month ends. We know how you feel! As a roof repair and replacement company, our teams get quite frustrated when their work is so frequently interrupted!  Frequent rain shows itself in your roofing system differently than occasional rain or steady rain a few times a month.  Here are some things you may realize about your roofing system that may have been a problem for a while but didn’t show itself until now.

Slow Draining Gutters

Completely clogged gutters are different from slow draining ones. When your gutters drain over a few days, if it’s not raining frequently, you may not realize you have a problem. When your gutters are full and it continues to rain, you can end up with damage to your fascia, shingles and even your foundation. If you notice it’s raining but water isn’t coming out of your gutters in the quantity you expect, you probably have slow draining gutters. Most roof repair and replacement companies can clean or replace gutters during their service.

Your Flashing isn’t Well Sealed

If you have a fireplace, and it seems damp, the seal on your flashing may be worn. A little rain doesn’t often show this problem but heavy rain and rain day after day can. Flashing is found around any roof protrusion. If you see water around your dormers and initially think that you have a window leak, you may find after further investigation that it’s actually your flashing. When left unattended, you can end up with significant damage to the dormer and your roof deck and you’ll need more than just a roof repair and replacement company, you may need a drywall and painting company.

Ceiling Stains

This is how many people realize they have a roof leak. They look up one day and see discoloration on their ceiling. That discoloration is water damage. Chances are good that the water has been leaking into the attic day after day. Once the insulation, rafters and other elements in the ceiling have absorbed all the water they can, it starts to impact your ceiling. If your roof is at this point, call your local roof repair and replacement company for an inspection. They’ll let you know the extent of the damage and what your best course of action is.

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