roofing contractor with a five star ratingWe often tell you to check the roofer’s reviews before you hire them as your roofing contractor. There are many places you can check – Google, Facebook, the BBB, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List. However, we feel like there’s a lot missing when you just look for a business on some of those sites. Here is what you should know when looking for reviews on different sites.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are fairly reliable. Here’s the catch, although Google does remove reviews they feel aren’t accurate, they don’t always get it right. For example, we’ve re-roofed homes of snowbirds who didn’t write the review until they went back home to Michigan, and because the review came from some not in our service area, they removed it. Another time when they may not be accurate is when our competition writes a negative review. We try to go in and flag it for Google and write a response but we don’t always get them taken down.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews can be left by anyone and they aren’t policed like Google’s. We can respond to the review but it’s very difficult to have them removed. One example is when someone reviews the wrong company. That doesn’t happen to us very often but it has happened to another roofing contractor we know.


One of the good things about BBB reviews is that it’s a conversation rather than a review in most cases. If there’s a complaint, the BBB gets involved to help the consumer get their issue resolved. Because you can’t make all the people happy all the time, you may see a company with a bad BBB review. The key is in how they responded and resolved the issue(s).

Angie’s List & HomeAdvisor

Although they’re still operating as separate entities, they are owned by the same company. We decided some time ago to stop paying them for advertising and leads. Here’s how Angie’s List works; the more a business pays them, the higher up they show in search results. When we stopped paying them, they stopped showing us. We are still on Angie’s List but we’ll no longer receive any of their awards. In fact, we have over 145 A reviews and carry an overall average of an A in all 5 categories they monitor. However, it’s hard to find us on Angie’s List. If you’d like to see our listing, click here while you are logged into your Angie’s List account.

HomeAdvisor works a little differently. Essentially, it’s for homeowners who don’t know who they want, they can describe what they’re looking for and be connected to a company. Basically, the companies pay for the lead and the more they pay, the more leads they get. Sometimes your name goes to multiple companies and you get multiple calls. It has little to do with how many great reviews someone has.

Our reason for sharing this is we’ve had a few homeowners tell us they weren’t sure if they should hire us because we’re “not on Angie’s List.” We wanted to correct that and say, “we’re not paying Angie’s List to come up in search.” We feel that between our great reviews on public sites like Google, Facebook, the BBB and the many satisfied homeowners who who tell their friends to use us as their roofing contractor regularly, we didn’t want to continue what we felt were less than honest practices with Angie’s List.

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