Russ Noyes Roofing Inspections Are Different

They’re different because we’re trained better than other roofing contractors. We’ve successfully completed HAAG Certification in both residential roofing and wind damage. This helps you know that your roof is being evaluated by a trained roofer who knows how to spot the differences between manufacturing and installation issues and storm damage. Many roofing companies in Orlando offer free roof inspections because they see a free inspection as a time to find or even manufacture a roofing issue. Then they either charge you for a repair you may or may not really need or inflate an insurance claim. We see a roofing inspection here in Orlando, as something every homeowner should do at least once a year, and more often as their roof ages. Roof inspections should also be performed after any major storm where your home may have suffered from hail damage or wind damage.

How Our Roof Inspections are Different

Homes in Central Florida see their share of wind, driving rain, and hail which creates an even greater need for regular roof inspections and roof repair. Our roof inspections are done from the top of the roof. We know that issues can’t be properly assessed from the ground. Our comprehensive inspection looks at more than if you are missing shingles or have broken tile. Our Orlando roof inspections look at the following things:

  • Loose, worn, or missing shingles
  • Discolored shingles or panels
  • Stained roof decking
  • Rust spots on metal roofing materials
  • Cracked or broken tile
  • Exterior wall stains
  • Worn membranes and bare spots
  • Mold growing in any area
  • Loose granules collecting in gutters or around base of building
  • Blocked roof vents
  • Flashing that is loose around chimneys and vents
  • Gutters  and downspouts that are blocked or clogged
  • Loose, worn, or leaking gutters

If your home in Orlando has a leaky or damaged roof, it may be time for a roof inspection to find and fix the problems. Our roof repair experts will assess all areas of your roofing system and provide you with a comprehensive estimate for your repairs.

Overhead Care Club

The Overhead Care Club is our exclusive residential roofing maintenance program. It includes roofing inspections, discounted repairs, and gutter cleanings. To learn more click here.

Getting Started

Whether you suspect roof damage, a leaky roof, or are just considering a roof inspection to ensure that your roofing in Orlando stays in good condition, contact Russ Noyes Roofing Inc today. Our representatives are waiting to schedule your inspection so that you can be assured your roof is in good condition. Fill out the online form on our website or give us a call at 407-388-7700 to get started on your inspection today.

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