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Roof repair and replacement is often needed in the Orlando area due to strong winds, thunderstorms, and occasional hail. All can damage your roof. When you are in need of roof repair, it’s vitally important that you contact your local roofer as soon as possible.

Most storm damage, including wind damage and hail damage, is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. When you’re faced with a roof repair that has left part of your home exposed to the elements, you want it taken care of immediately. Call your insurance company and report the roof damage. Then call Rhino Roofing to come out, cover the exposed area and provide you with a written estimate of the damage.

If the reason you need roof repair is due to age and normal wear and tear, we can help with that too. When you contact us with your roofing issues, we’ll assess your roof, give you an estimate of the remaining service life of your roof, and the cost estimate for the repairs.

There comes a point in every roof’s life where the ongoing repairs and maintenance aren’t generally worth it and a roof replacement may be recommended. 

Roofing Maintenance is Important Too

If you are looking for the best residential roof maintenance plan available, consider our Rhino Care Club options. Only Rhino Roofing can offer this maintenance program that will help extend the service life of your roof and save you money on roof repairs or replacements. Our Orlando roofing company can ensure that your roof is inspected to help keep small issues from turning into big problems.

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Whether you are looking for someone to take care of the roof damage done to your roof by the latest storm, or if you suspect an issue and are looking for the most extensive roof and leak inspections available, contact Orlando’s go-to experts at Rhino Roofing today. Our representatives are waiting to take your call and to ensure complete satisfaction with your roof repair or replacement. Call Orlando’s leading roofing company today at 407-388-7700 or fill out our form online.

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