When you are ready to hire a roofing company there are a lot of important questions to ask. Often people focus on the price, the timeline for completion, and other factors without ever asking about who will be performing the work. Certainly you expect that the Orlando roofing company you hire will do quality work, but here are three important reasons that a roofer with employees might be better than subcontractors.

1: Trained & Licensed

When a roofing company in Orlando hires its own employees and has them on the payroll, they are often going to spend more time and money to make sure that those employees have the proper training to be successful installers. While subcontractors may have some of the same training, there is no way for a contractor to verify when and where the training took place, and how relevant it is for your project. A company with employees can also ensure that everyone on their payroll has appropriate licensing to comply with Florida laws.

2: Background Checked

Orlando roofing contractors who hire their own employees can also perform background checks. While there are many honest roofers out there that a company could subcontract for work, background checks confirm it. A homeowner that allows contractors to come to their place of residence should have the peace of mind and confidence to know that the people working on their home are the best possible employees, without questionable backgrounds.

3: Insured

A final reason to work with roofing companies that hire their own employees is the protection of insurance. Both types of companies should have general liability insurance, but an Orlando roofer will also have workers compensation insurance. This protects the homeowner in case something happens to someone on the job—without it, you could be liable for medical bills and other damages from the job.

It’s important for homeowners to ask about this during the bidding process, because a company that hires its own employees may have a slightly higher bid because they need to cover the cost of insurance. While many homeowners make a decision based on price alone, the little bit of extra cost that you might pay for the added protection could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Check with your roofing company to find out whether they work with employees or subcontractors, and be sure you take it into consideration when you are comparing bids. The added protection and peace of mind you get from employees is often worth it.

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