Now that you’ve read a few misconceptions about roof leaks, you should know how some of the most common roof leaks are repaired so you don’t get ripped off. Keep in mind that every leak is different so this information does not always apply, but in general, this may be how your Orlando roof repair company proposes to solve your issue.

missing flashing

Missing flashing around a skylight

Missing or Deteriorating Flashing

Some parts of the roofing system age faster than other parts. This is especially true when it comes to flashing. Your roof has flashing in many different areas, like around a chimney and roof vents and anywhere the roof joins a dormer or other roof protrusion. When either it fails due to age or to improper installation, you will develop a roof leak. The only solution is replacing the flashing.

Leaf Dams

Although our gutters are meant to be a healthy part of our roofing system, when not properly maintained, they can cause a roof leak. Much like our northern neighbors who experience ice dams in the winter, when we get heavy rains our gutters can back up. Although we don’t have the freeze-thaw cycle pushing the water under the shingles at the roof’s edge, the sheer volume of water can quickly fill our gutters and force water back up into the shingles causing problems. Cleaning the gutters and replacing the bottom row or rows of shingles and underlayment is the most common solution.

Incorrect Materials

This problem most often occurs when a non-roofer tries to repair or solve a roofing issue. Because handyman services don’t primarily work on roofs, they don’t always have the right tools or materials to do a job right. One common example is misuse of caulk. It should never be used to repair a roof leak. The right roof repair in this situation depends on the issue.

Poor Installation

Sometimes a homeowner chooses a roofing company solely on price. Cheap Orlando roofers cut corners or use cheaper materials. When the roofing company who installed your roof used untrained day laborers or inferior materials, roof leaks are more apt to happen. Choosing a licensed roofing company with a long history in Orlando and a good reputation will ultimately save your money over the life of your roof. Sometimes the only solution is completely remove and replace the entire roof.

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