Anyone who has lived in the Orlando area for long knows that humidity is an inevitable part of life in this area, but there are some places in your home that you need to focus on reducing humidity as much as possible to protect against damage. Under your Orlando roof is one of those places. Without proper ventilation, humidity that builds up in the attic can significantly damage your roofing above and your home below. Here are some tips for helping you to reduce humidity levels.

1: Inspect Your Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is the single most important factor in keeping humidity levels at a minimum in the attic. Not enough ventilation can cause heat that comes from inside the house or outside to become trapped, and over time that can lead to mold and mildew growth and pressure buildup. Ventilation systems for roofing are very specific, and often require the help of a professional roofing contractor to ensure that you have the proper type of ventilation for your home and have adequate vents for the square footage of your attic.

2: Check Insulation As Well

Another way that humidity can get into your attic is through your home below. Many people have rooms in the house that produce high levels of humidity, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, or laundry room. If there isn’t enough insulation in between your home and your attic, that humidity can quickly travel into the attic and cause issues for your Orlando roofing. Add insulation if necessary to prevent problems.

3: Inspect the Roof for Leaks

Humidity can also creep into your attic when roof leaks allow excess moisture to get in. If you notice some of the signs of high humidity in the attic, such as black streaks on the wood, mold or mildew growth, you should call a roofing contractor in Orlando to come and inspect for a leak. In some cases you may be able to immediately spot where it’s coming from, but often the leak will be hard to detect without the help of an experienced Orlando roofer.

Reducing humidity will not only protect your roofing and your home from damage, it will also provide you with better health by avoiding mold and mildew growth, and will result in a more comfortable home.

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