Have you ever read your insurance policy? Few people can answer yes to that questions. As a result they are often frustrated or angry about the coverage they receive regarding their storm damage in the aftermath of a hail or wind event. If you want to make sure you have the right coverage for a storm damage insurance claim, here are a few tips you should follow.

1.      Read Your Policy

There are many loopholes and exclusions insurance companies try to use to get out of paying a claim. However, the more informed consumer knows to ask questions and make sure they have the right type of policy. As you look at yours, look for terms like “depreciated value” or “proof of maintenance/services.” In many cases where a policy covers only the depreciated value of the roof, that means you won’t have full coverage minus the deductible on your storm damage insurance claim but rather coverage in relation to the expected life of the roof.

Other insurance companies may try to deny your storm damage insurance claim because you don’t have proof of the state of the roof prior to the storm damage. That means they doubt your roof was in good shape prior to the storm and thus, deny or only partially cover your claim.

2.      Have Regular Roofing Inspections & Maintenance

Regular roofing inspections and preventative maintenance for your roof does the same thing that regular oil changes do for your car – keeps it operating in the manner in which it was intended to operate. When you have a roofing contractor inspect your roof once or twice a year, they’ll document what they see and make recommendations for necessary repair. If you choose to complete that repair, they’ll provide a receipt of the work performed. That covers you in the case that your insurance company tries to deny the storm damage insurance claim for lack of maintenance.

3.      Take Photos

If your roofing company doesn’t provide you with photos during their inspection, take them yourself. Having recent photos of your roof prior to a storm can provide additional proof of the state of your roof before the storm.

If you don’t understand your policy or have questions about coverage, talk to your agent. You may be able to purchase additional coverage or learn more about other policy options if you don’t like the type of coverage you currently have. If you haven’t had a roofing inspection or maintenance appointment with your roofing company in the past six months, call Russ Noyes Roofing today at 407-388-7700. One of the reasons we offer the Overhead Care Club is to help your roof stay in the best shape possible and to be able to provide insurance companies with proof of regular maintenance for our customers.  A small investment now, can save you significantly in the event your home suffers storm damage. Of course, we honor all storm damage insurance claims.


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