There are many different types of roofing out there to choose from, and while many homeowners use asphalt shingles that is certainly not the only option available. One option that many homeowners might not think about is wood shingles for your Orlando roofing. They have been used for hundreds of years all over the world, and offer a beautiful rustic look that can add to the overall charm and value of your home. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider wood shingles next time you need a new roof.


Wood shingles come in a range of different styles, from cedar to oak, and can be chosen depending on the specific look that you hope to achieve for your Orlando home. They can be stained or painted in any color that you want, which gives you a wide variety of different options to choose from. You can get them in smooth cut or rough cut so you have several different looks available.

Natural Beauty and Insulation

Another reason that many homeowners like wood shingles for Orlando roofing is the beauty that they offer. They are not made of synthetic materials, and give a home a historic or natural appeal. Since they are installed in overlapping patterns, they also provide natural insulation and protection from the worst weather.


Another benefit that many homeowners like about wood shingles in Orlando is the lightweight material. This makes them good for the environment because they cost less to ship, and they are also great for any variety of houses, even those without adequate roof support to install heavier materials such as slate or tile. Even with their light weight, they still offer great protection from the elements and prevent moisture leaking into the attic.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood shingles are also a very environmentally friendly choice because they are a natural material. There are millions of tons of asphalt shingles disposed of in landfills every year, and these petroleum-based products do not disintegrate over time. Many landfills are moving to ban the disposal of these products because they just take up too much space. Wood shingles are an eco-friendly alternative. Since they’re made of natural wood there are plenty of ways to dispose of them when you are finished that are good for the environment. In addition, a wood shingle roof in Orlando will last for several decades (much longer then asphalt shingles) with the right care, which means you will be disposing of your roofing materials less.

If you are in the market for a new Orlando roof, consider the benefits that wood shingles can offer and talk to a professional roofing contractor today about how you can get them for your home.

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